Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Projects and Travel Plans

We had snow. I can't believe it. I thought we were done with the snow.  Maybe this time it's the last gasp, 'cause I'm totally over it.

OK, it's official. I'm going to NYC. In the middle of taxes, prepping for the Jewelry Sale, and God knows what else, I'm hopping a bus from Beantown and spending 3 days in the Big Apple. And, forget about doing the taxes or getting the car inspected (I know I have.)

This is the trip I was supposed to take in September but which I postponed because my apartment was flooded. I won't get to see a lecture by (Tada) Makiko-sensei. I am, however, planning on checking out the Japan Society, which supposedly has a nice museum and a store. (AND an exhibit on anime/manga...my other Japanese interest.) Other than that, I'm on the prowl for fabric and jewelry-making stuff, which looks like it's all within blocks of each other so If I'm correct, I won't have too much walking (who am I kidding?) 

Other than that, my mind has been on the jewelry sale. I'm testing new findings and glue for the kumi necklaces. I thought what I was doing was working, but I got some interesting new fold-over clasps which should look great attached to a flat braid. Unfortunately, the actual area that's touching the braid seems to slide off no matter which glue I'm using. So, I've taken out all 12 (no, that's not an exaggeration!) of the glues I have accumulated and I'm conducting tests.

I've finished the original Kotoji expansion test. Well, the first phase anyway.  The 16-strand Kotoji braid (from one of Makiko-sensei's books) is on the top, the expanding to 3 colors and 24 strands is in the middle, and the 32 (back to 2 colors) is on the bottom.

I've decided I want to try a couple more variations in this braid, starting with a two color 24 strand variation and a flat 32-strand variation. If I had more tama, I would probably try a square version of the middle (24-strand) braid, but I'm putting these all off until after the show.

When I get back, I'll probably have lots to blog about, and maybe I'll even remember to show the pictures of what I did with the wooden spools I'm using as tama...they came out so cute!