Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In or Out of Focus?

I have too many irons in the fire. Too many things going on. Too many projects in too many areas of my life.

Every time I (finally) inch forward in on front, another bright, shiny project distracts me. I'm like a cat sitting under
a Christmas tree. Which ornament should I bat around first?

Well, I can report progress in a couple of areas. The vintage textile pendants I was making using resin are cured. There's some light clean up and polishing to do and only about 60% of them I feel are saleable, but, hey, I've been talking about this project since last FALL!

Not sure what I'll price them at. They were more work than the flying pigs, but I don't know that they will sell at a much higher price than that. Of course, the pigs had kumihimo necklaces and I'm only planning on using leather or satin cord for these, so maybe they should be priced the same. Hmm.

Ed had his thyroid levels taken last week and
we reduced the dosage of his Tapazole. He seems much less frantic, so I have good feelings about this dosage, but I'm not sure I could call him "stable" just yet. He's become a bit of a furry slug, so he may still be below normal (which is much better than way, way, WAY above normal.)

In quilting news, I put away the "Fan Dance" red and white quilt and started using my japanese fabrics to make a cat quilt. All cat blocks are done. All mice blocks are done. All that is left are snowball blocks and fish blocks. It's fun to work with this fabric, but I do feel guilty about putting away the other. (It just became "less than fun.") Additionally, the "Creepy/Cute Cat Quilt" is tied and I'm stitching the binding on.

I'm trying to clean my drafting board off so I can photograph the newest jewelry and put it on etsy. I also need to totally revamp the Piece by Piece web site. Poor thing has languished for almost 2 years and I'm not exactly sure where the images have gone.

And once I hunt down the various bits of info, photos and whatnot, I hope to have the Chelmsford Quilters' Guild site up to date. It's going to be a squeeze to get the pages ready for the September meeting, let alone the 2-3 new quilting project instructions I've been trying to add (*ahem* WRITE) in the past few years.

So, that's it for the projects at the "top of my pile." I'm not sure I won't find something even more fun and shiny if I dig down a bit, but I guess I just have to tell myself very firmly: "Focus, Lindsay. Focus!"

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